Acer: Revealed The World’s First 17-Inch Chromebook

Through recent sources, it has been heard that Acer has revealed the first 17-inch Chromebooks, which are certified by Intel Evo. During the Acer event, it revealed foyer Chromebooks which also included the 17-inch display Chromebook. All four models named Chromebook Spin713 and Chromebook 317 will launch in June, whereas Acer Chromebook 314 and Chromebook 514 will launch in July and October.

Chromebook 317

It was confirmed in the press that Acer Chromebook would be displaying a screen of 17.3 inches for better display and image charity experience. Narrow Bezel and anti-glare coating would be at the outline of these screens.

Acer has also included a touchscreen model that allows you for a better user experience. With this, it also has a webcam that has enabled video call features as well. It comes with a numeric keyboard with optional backlighting as well.

As we know, this is the company’s heaviest offering, so it is one of the most powerful devices. It contains Intel Celeron processor, which are up to dual-channel 8GB SDRAM and Intel UHD graphics. From a storage point of view, users have a massive space to store their data. It consists of 128 GB eMMC memory with a weight of 2.35 Kg with a battery life of 10 Hours.

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Chromebook Spin 713

It is also an Intel Evo Platform verified Chromebook that offers a more efficient laptop with Thunderbolt 4. The price tag in which this device is available is around $699, which is great as per the specifications provided.

It supports Thunderbolt 4 software and comes with two Type-C ports. These ports are used for charging and transferring data and several documents to view on the laptop. With all these aspects, Acer Chromebook713 has also come up with a fingerprint scanner.

Spin 713 comes with a 13.5-inch display screen that is a bit small, but they have not compromised specifications and provides the best features. Making Chromebook Spin 713 a flagship device, Acer offers a Corei7 processor, 16GB of RAM, and 256 Gb storage.

With these 17-inch flagship devices, Acer has come up with two 14 inch devices that have been added to its list. Offering such Chromebooks has been a great update for Acer has moved towards technology advancements.

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