EPOS H3 has come up with a highly comfortable device that is used for gaming. EPOS claims to provide the best sound quality for gaming which has already grabbed the attention of the majority of the users.

During the Covid pandemic, EPOS has become one of the best headphones sellers, and they aim to provide the best comfortable sound output for gamers. They wish to enter the gaming market to become the best performers. However, this is a wired headset, but it has entered the market by providing the best output as per its sound quality.

What Do You Get In EPOS H3 Box

Once you have bought EPOS H3, these are few things that you get in the box;

  • The headset
  • 1×3.5mm and 2×3.5mm audio cable to provide audio and works as a microphone as well.
  • Audio connections can be made through a 5mm audio cable provided User Manual


A buyer must be aware of the specifications and features that are provided in the headset so that you can be sure enough about whether to buy this product or not;

  • Its style is over-ear, closed-back, and provides a wired connection
  • Comes in black and white colors
  • 40mm dynamic drivers
  • 10-30,000 hertz frequency response
  • 20 ohms of impedance
  • Integrated Bidirectional microphone
  • Offering 10-10,000 frequency response
  • 5mm connection jack
  • 2m long cable
  • 270g in weight

EPOSĀ Is Specially For Gamers

EPOS has come up with an overhead-designed headset that is wired to provide the best sound output to deal with the audio immersion. It is one of the most comfortable headsets for gamers to be worn for more extended periods.

It has foam inside it with leather covering an adjustable headset and can be fit and adjusted. Furthermore, its ear cup is also standard size that does not make the user uncomfortable and makes it easy for every gamer. Plus, the ear cups are designed not to let any audio leakage, which initially leads to good sound quality.

Moreover, the headband is also covered with some comfortable stuff that can be adjusted with every head. The headset overall contains a good feel. However, it feels a little bit heavy as it is made of plastic. The sliders are made up of metal which cannot be easily broken.

The H3 headphone comes with a built-in microphone feature that does not harm the device if it is not in use. This microphone can also be muted by pushing it upwards, which is a handy option. At last, comes the 2m long cable that comes with the headset. It is beneficial that you sit a bit relaxed while gaming, and the sound quality would not be distorted even if the distance exceeds.

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Sound Quality

Checking the sound quality was done through games, out of which the best for it is the Doom 2016, in which the weapons, howling demons, and soundtrack changes these voices give the best sound results and can deal with sound testing.

Checking through different games like Dirt 5, we have concluded that these headphones are specially designed for gaming, giving the best gaming experience. It just does not stop here, except gaming, you can listen to music as well, and it also provides the best results.

These specifications are available for $119, which I think is the best for the headset. The features provided in this headset are way more advanced, and providing the best sound result with a reliable device makes it the best headset for gaming. Furthermore, the material makes it more comfortable for the users as gaming requires wearing a headset for more extended periods, and it should be relaxed.

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