The Official E3 2021 Schedule

The E3 2021 plan is more precise than ever. Nearly every critical gaming and the well-known publisher has approved participation within a week now, adding to what is assumed to be a whole week of huge reveals of games, consoles, and many more, new releases, and extensive world premieres.

It’s prime time to love matches for every gamer out there.E3 2021 is going all-digital in the year 2021, so that indicates you’ll be able to enjoy it all from the luxury of your sofa.

With the start of E3 2021 a few more than a week away, the Electronic Software Association has given the official plan for the four-day virtual event. The ESA’s broadcast will start with a 1 PM ET pre-show on Saturday, June 12th, with theme performances from Gearbox and Ubisoft, Gearbox Entertainment to attend later that day.

As previously stated, Bethesda and Microsoft will host their joint virtual discussion on June 13th at 1 PM ET. That same day, fans can also look ahead to an exceptional performance from the PC Gaming Show and Square Enix. It is also said that at some point during the broadcast on Sunday, Warner Bros. Games will also make an entrance.

Nobody has even heard from the Warner Bros. studio since it delayed Hogwarts Legacy to 2022 at the beginning of the year. Everyone can easily foresee that they could be getting a fresh look at the game then.

On June 14th, there will be various smaller performances during the day, including Grand Theft Auto and Capcom series publisher Take-Two Interactive. By Tuesday, the last day of the gathering, you might believe you can tune out, but if you’re a Nintendo Switch owner, you’ll want to set time away at noontime ET to catch Nintendo’s E3 Direct.

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The organization has announced that it will give about 40 minutes talking only regarding games that will possibly be coming out later this year in 2121. Before the E3 2021 Awards Show caps everything off, there will be last-minute performances from Yureka Games and Bandai Namco. Coming to the last two days of the memorable event, the official Show will start at 11:00 AM ET.

If the plan looks a bit weak, don’t forget the Summer Game Fest has also been announced on June 10th, and the host Geoff Keighley has assured “more than a dozen” world premieres and news.

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